For over 10 years, we have been involved in training and business consulting.

LACC Learning And Consulting Centre is a well-structured company, which operates in the field of training and business consulting both in Switzerland and in Europe since 2007. LACC provides its Customers with the best professionals and the most qualified trainers in their reference sectors.

Learning And Consulting Centre has as its prerogative the maintenance of very high quality standards in the provision of services to Corporate Clients. It operates in the language and specialized training field. It provides HR Managers and Recruiters with tools for assessing candidates’ hard skills. It offers consultancy in the Digital and Privacy field.

Our Services

Three different specialized areas, a single point of contact

Language Centre

The aim of Language Centre, which specialises in language training, translation and interpreting services, is to convey a language, whether English or another language, that can actually be useful in the real world and that, over time, helps students to grow professionally.


Adaptive tests, carried out by ExamInLab, consists of quizzes with incremental difficulty questions. This allows HR Managers and Recruiters to verify, with maximum effectiveness, precision and consistency, the actual skills of candidates.


Today, Companies have the strong need to optimize time and resources by allocating certain specific types of services externally. LACC, within that specific context, provides its customers with an important consulting service, mainly in the areas of Digital and Privacy-GDPR.

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