Privacy policy

This page describes how British Language Centre SA treats the personal information of its website’s visitors as well as of those who interact with the web services that can be accessed by visiting the websites owned by the company, in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR.

Data treatment (art. 13, 1° comma lett. a, art. 15, lett. b, GDPR)

British Language Centre SA – Via S. Balestra 27 6900 Lugano, e-mail address, is the Owner of the treatment of your personal information concerning:

  1. Data provided by you when filling out a contact form to the Owner or submitting any other request;
  2. Data on our website, which include traffic data, localization, visit on the website, IP address, operating system used, browser used, cookie;
  3. Data provided by you when answering through emails, surveys or any other contact form.

Purposes of data processing (art. 13, 1° comma, lett. c, d, e, f, GDPR)

The above mentioned user’s data are processed by the Owner in relation to:

  1. Intermediation activities between job supply and demand as well as research, selection and training activities. The legal basis for those activities is the compliance with pre-contractual and contractual measures, with related rights and duties of the users.
  2. Activities related to the improvement of the services provided both online and offline from the Owner. The legal basis for those activities is the compliance with pre-contractual and contractual measures, with related rights and duties of the users as well as of the Owner.

Consequences of any refusal to respond (art. 13, 2° comma, lett. e, GDPR)

With the exception of the browsing data, which are necessary to allow the correct operation of the website, and the cookies (see Cookie policy), the users are free to provide their personal data, in order to submit requests for information. The refusal to allow their data to be processed makes it impossible for them to obtain the feedback on those requests.

Data processing and retention period (art. 13, 2° comma, lett. a, GDPR)

The processing of your data will only last for such period of time that is necessary for achieving those activities related to the contract management as well as the consequent obligations, including legal ones.  The Owner will then store the data only in compliance with the legal obligations provided by the applicable laws, for administrative purposes and/or to claim or to defend an own right in the case in which a litigation or a pre-litigation procedure arise. Your personal data will be deleted after a 36-months inactivity timeframe. 6 months before the expiry date you will receive an information email about that circumstance.

Manner of data processing (art. 13, 2° comma, lett. f, GDPR)

The personal data is processed through computerized, automated manual systems for the period of time that is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data is collected.

Data treatment does not include automated decision-making processes, but it might include profiling for those activities related to the web surfing through technical tools such as cookies.

Rights of the interested party (art. 13, 1° comma, lett. b, e 2° comma lett. b, GDPR)

You can request the Owner to update and/or delete your data at any time and free of charge.

For the specific list of external Data Processors as well as for any further information and request, please contact the Owner at